Watercraft FAQs

Q: Isn’t my boat covered under my house insurance?
A: A homeowner insurance package does provide some coverage for a boat and motor. However it is limited coverage and may not provide liability coverage. As well as making a claim on your boat will affect your home insurance policy.
Q: Why do I need liability insurance for my watercraft?
A: If you injure a swimmer in the water you would need liability insurance. However, liability insurance covers more than just bodily injury. You may also be held liable for pollution if you accidentally spill fuel or if an act by you causes any type of loss where oil or fuel enters the body of water.
Q: How do I register my boat?
A: Click on the following link to see more information on registering a boat.
Q: What kind of information do I need to insure my boat?
A: You will need to provide a full description of the boat and motor including year, make, model, serial number and value. You will also need to provide information for boating experience, age of usual operator, as well as previous losses for boating and driving convictions.