Travel / Health FAQs

Q: I travel a lot out of province for work, what travel plan options are available for me?
A: Harvest Insurance offers a variety of annual travel plans that can best fit your travel schedule; whether it’s weekends or weeks at a time.
Q: Do I need travel insurance if I am traveling across Canada?
A: Yes, anytime you are planning to travel outside of Manitoba you should purchase travel insurance to protect you from high out of province medical costs for any unexpected emergencies.
Q: If I have a pre-existing medical condition can I still get travel insurance?
A: Yes, at Harvest Insurance our professional staff can offer many travel plans which can include your pre-existing condition with low stability requirement.
Q: If I currently have travel insurance through my credit card or with another insurance provider can I get travel insurance for any additional days of coverage?
A: Yes, Harvest Insurance offers travel companies that can top-up your current travel policy for your additional days needed.