Farm FAQs

Q: Are my farm buildings automatically insured?
A: Any buildings that are used or originally intended for farm or farm animals are not covered unless specifically added to the policy.
Q: When does my property qualify as a farm?
A: If you have acreage that is used for hay or pasture, if you have any chickens or other farm animals, if you are doing any field work for others, you likely need farm liability. Some insurance companies will require farm liability if you are over a certain number of acres, whether farming or not. Please contact us to inquire.
Q: Am I exempt from RST if I have a farm?
A: If over half of your annual income is derived from farming you may be eligible for exemption. Please see the attached link.
Q: What is a specialized farm?
A: Specialized farms are determined by the amount of livestock, size of facility, etc., in which the insurance company will provide a specialized quote for your unique operations.