Driver's License FAQs

Q: Where can I book my driver licensing tests (Driver’s Education, Knowledge Test, Road Test, Airbrake Test)?
A: All scheduling for tests and Driver’s Education set ups can be done in our office. Please note if you are under the age of 18, Manitoba Public Insurance requires a parent or legal guardian to co-sign.
Q: Where can I get a driver’s abstract and what does it cost?
A: You can obtain a driver’s abstract in our office for a $10 fee. The driver’s abstract provides driving history for the past 10 years.
Q: If I don’t have a Driver’s License, do you offer another form of photo ID?
A: Manitoba Public Insurance offers two different types of ID Cards; a Basic Photo ID Card and an Enhanced ID Card. You will need to be approved by Manitoba Public Insurance for the Enhanced ID Card; this card allows you to travel across the border either by land or water.
Q: Can I make an address change for my Driver’s License or ID Card over the phone?
A: To perform an address change you will need to attend our office for a new photo. Changing your permanent address will result in a new Driver’s License or ID Card to be issued, which will result in a $10 or $15 charge.
Q: If I would like to change my class of license, where can I get the study material?
A: Our office has the study material you need for a license class change, for a fee. These study manuals are also available free of charge on Manitoba Public Insurance’s website;