Auto / Off-Road / Antique FAQs

Q: Does my off road vehicle need to be inspected prior to it being registered?
A: In order to purchase collision coverage on your used off road vehicle, please bring the machine to our office, so that our professional staff can inspect it for you. If you purchase a brand new off road vehicle and register it within 3 business days of the delivery date the machine does not need to be inspected.
Q: I have purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle and would like to purchase comprehensive coverage (fire, theft, vandalism, hail, lightning…) do I need to have my motorcycle inspected?
A: You will require a certificate of inspection, however, there is no longer a requirement to have a specific Harley Davidson form. MPI only requires the regular certificate of inspection for Harley Davidsons, like with any motorcycle.
Q: Can I get a permit for my motorcycle?
A: Yes, Manitoba Public Insurance allows each motorcycle to purchase up to a maximum of 15 days’ worth of permits in one calendar year. This permit provides coverage only for third party liability and collision coverage; comprehensive coverage is not available with a permit for a motorcycle.
Q: Which documents are required to register a vehicle?
A: The documents Manitoba Public Insurance require to register a vehicle are an unaltered original Bill of Sale, the Transfer of Ownership Document (if available), and a current valid Safety Inspection Certificate – the white copy is preferred. If you are purchasing a brand new vehicle, Manitoba Public Insurance requires an unaltered original Bill of Sale and the New Vehicle Inspection Statement.
Q: I am renting a car, am I required to purchase my own rental car insurance?
A: Manitoba Public Insurance provides rental car insurance on a short term basis at a low daily rate, which can lower your deductible, increase your third party liability and provide auto loss of use coverage for you and down-time coverage for the rental car company.
Q: I would like to get a snopass for my snowmobile, what are my options?
A: Manitoba Public Insurance provides snopasses for Manitoba and Non-Manitoba residents during the riding season either on a yearly option or a 7 day option.
Q: I would like to get a specialty plate/personalized plate. What are my options?
A: Manitoba Public Insurance offers a wide variety of specialty plates and the option for a customized license plate. The applications are available in our office.
Q: How can I report an accident?
A: You can contact Manitoba Public Insurance directly at 1-800-665-2410.
Q: I am interested in the Collector Insurance Program. How can my vehicle qualify for this insurance program?
A: Manitoba Public Insurance requires a qualification form to be completed by the Manitoba Association of Automobile Clubs (MAAC). This form is available in our office. To be eligible for the program your vehicle will need to be at least 25 years old and valued at a minimum of $5,000.
Q: I have purchased winter tires for my vehicle. Can I finance my winter tires through Manitoba Public Insurance?
A: As of September 29, 2014, Manitoba Public Insurance now offers a Winter Tire Finance Program. Your winter tires can be financed from a period of 1-4 years for a maximum value of $2,000.
Q: What is the difference between a reassessment year and a renewal year?
A: A renewal year is when you will need to attend the office in person to take a photo for your driver’s license and obtain new stickers and registrations for any policies; this only takes place every 5 years. A reassessment year falls between the renewal years; this is when you can either attend our office to review your account in person and provide payment or do so over the phone.
Q: Do I need an appraisal to purchase collector/classic insurance with either Hagerty or SMI?
A: a. Hagerty Insurance does not require an appraisal as they have a valuation tool to determine values for collector/class vehicles. b. SMI does require an appraisal.
Q: What are my deductible options and do they provide benefits?
A: a. Hagerty offers a wide range of deductibles as low as $0; this deductible is waived in all claims. Any deductible above this is required to be paid in the event of a claim. b. SMI offers a variety of deductibles as well as low as $100; this deductible waives collision with animal claims, glass repair, theft of vehicle, and vandalism.
Q: I am restoring my collector/classic vehicle, can I purchase restoration insurance?
A: Yes, both Hagerty and SMI provide insurance for vehicles being restored.
Q: In the event of a claim and my collector/classic vehicle is written off, would I receive the appraised value of the vehicle or actual cash value?
A: Hagerty and SMI will both provide the appraised value for your vehicle as settlement.
Q: Do I need to insure my collector/classic vehicle with MPI as well?
A: Yes, you will still need to insure your vehicle with MPI as Hagerty and SMI only provide excess coverage.
Q: In the event of a claim do I need to Call MPI as well as either Hagerty or SMI to report the claim?
A: Yes, you will need to report your claim to both MPI as well as either Hagerty or SMI.
Q: Do I need to change my SMI policy if I decide to lay up my vehicle for a period of time?
A: No, SMI automatically provides coverage for your vehicle when it’s laid up.
Q: If my vehicle breaks down on the road is there coverage for roadside assistance for my collector/classic vehicle?
A: Hagerty has three levels of roadside service and benefits when you need roadside assistance for your collector/class vehicle. Guaranteed flatbed with soft nylon straps.