Harvest Insurance


Traveling within Canada or

World Wide

Manitoba Health only covers a limited amount when leaving the province. It is highly recommended to purchase travel coverage that will top up the Manitoba health in case of emergencies and to give you peace of mind, even in Canada. Are you traveling for more than 90 days? Contact Manitoba Health for an extension as valid provincial health is required for the majority of plans. If you do not have valid Manitoba Health, we can look at selling you a different plan.

Covid Coverage

Traveling during these unprecedented times can feel uneasy. We have plans that provide COVID coverage for non-essential and essential travel. Contact our staff to get more information.

Single Trip/Annual Plan

Whether you are a snowbird, frequent or occasional traveler, our office offers a number of travel plans that cover you worldwide. Travel insurance is there to cover you in the event that an unexpected emergency occurs. Please note that every policy has exclusions and not everything is covered. Our staff can help you find the coverage that best suits you.


Cancellation All Inclusive Travel

Do you need coverage in case you have to cancel your trip due to unexpected emergency? Ask us about trip and holiday cancellation. Trip cancellation and emergency medical coverage can be bundled together at a lower rate. Please note that some companies require coverage to be purchased within 72 hours of your first deposit for the trip.

Additional Travel Plans Available

  • Group Travel
  • New to Manitoba
  • Visitors to Canada
  • Expatriates
  • Students

Health and Group Coverage

Are you losing health coverage through your employer or don’t have any currently? We have pre-packaged and customizable health plans available for you. Contact us to get a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I still get travel insurance?

    All travel companies have a pre-existing condition clause, contact our staff to for more information.

  • What is a pre-existing condition clause?

    If you have had a change in medication dosage, new symptoms, treatments, etc. the pre-existing clause would apply to those conditions. This means that there cannot have been any medical change in the time frame mentioned in your policy.  If there has been a change there would be no coverage for that specific condition that has not been stable. We can provide you with the specific conditions of your policy.

  • I currently have travel insurance through my credit card or another provider, can I get travel insurance for any additional days of coverage?

    Yes, we offer travel companies that can top-up your current travel policy. We recommend that you check what the limitations and exclusions of your current plan are, as credit cards often do not provide sufficient coverage.

  • I already left the province and forgot to purchase travel insurance, can I still purchase travel insurance?

    Yes, emergency medical coverage is still an option through an after-departure insurance plan.

  • I booked a trip on my credit card points, can I get trip cancellation coverage?

    Trip cancellation coverage is not available if the trip is booked with any type of rewards points.