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Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance

Whether it is a passenger vehicle, truck, or trailer; our staff will help find the most suitable coverage for you. We offer extension coverages through SMI, an independent mutual company, that offers more benefits and often at a competitive rate. Ask our friendly staff for a no obligation quote to see if this would be right for you!

Lay-up / Storage

Will your vehicle be parked for more than a few weeks? You may want to consider changing your coverage to a storage policy. This could save you money and provide at least comprehensive coverages. If you have an SMI policy, please ask us about automatic storage insurance.

Winter Tire Program

Manitoba Public Insurance now offers a Winter Tire Finance Program. Your winter tires can be financed over a period of 1-4 years and up to $2,000. To find out if you are eligible, visit the MPI Winter Tire Program page.

Specialty Plates

Manitoba Public Insurance offers a variety of Specialty Plates. We keep Jets and Bombers plates in stock. Please contact us to order any other Specialty Plates.

Income Replacement Indemnity

If your earned annual income is in excess of $103,500, you might be interested in Manitoba Public Insurance’s Income Replacement Indemnity extension coverage. Please contact us for details.


Do you own a vehicle that is 25 years or older? Contact our office to find out if you qualify for the MPI Collector Vehicle Program. This program operates with seasonal rates for year round coverage at a lower cost!
If you are restoring your antique vehicle, or would like to have it insured for a certain value, a stated value policy with SMI or Hagerty might be exactly what you’re looking for!

Rental Car Insurance

Are you borrowing or renting a vehicle? Manitoba Public Insurance provides rental car insurance on a short-term basis at a low daily rate, which can lower your deductible, increase your third party liability, and provide auto loss of use coverage for you and down-time coverage for the rental car company. If you have an SMI policy, please ask about automatic Rental Car Insurance.

Get What You Need

For any heavier trucks and trailers, or if you are renting an off road vehicle and require extension coverage, our professional staff will help you through the process of getting the insurance you need.

Are You A CAA Member?

As a CAA authorized broker partner, you can conveniently signup for your CAA membership at Harvest Insurance. In addition, we have access to the CAA Insurance Company line of products and can help you find a membership and insurance option that is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a claim?

    For all Auto claims call Manitoba Public Insurance first at 1-800-665-2410. If you have an extension policy with SMI or Hagerty, please call our office to open the claim.

    If you have a windshield claim, you can visit an approved repair shop for the repair. If you provide your MPI and/or SMI policy number to the shop, there is no need to report the claim. Please contact our office for help finding an approved repair shop.

  • Which documents are required to register a vehicle?

    The documents Manitoba Public Insurance requires to register a vehicle are a complete Bill of Sale, the Transfer of Ownership Document (if available), and a current valid Safety Inspection Certificate – the original white copy is required. If you are purchasing a brand new vehicle, Manitoba Public Insurance requires a completed Bill of Sale and the original New Vehicle Information Statement.