Harvest Insurance

Driver’s License

Account Set Up

Before you can get a Driver’s License, an Identification Card, or a vehicle registration in Manitoba, you will need to set up a Manitoba Public Insurance Account. To set up your account you will need to provide proof of your identity, your entitlement to be in Canada and your Manitoba address. You can use the MPI Wizard to determine which documents you need to provide to prove these elements.

Driver Z Program

Manitoba Public Insurance’s Driver Z Program is now virtual! To make registration easier, please come see us before the registration date to set up your MPI account. You can use the Driver Z Course Finder to find out which courses you are eligible for.

Address/Name Changes

To perform an address or name change you will need to attend our office for a new photo. When you change your permanent address or name a new Driver’s License or ID Card will be issued, which will result in a $10 charge. A supporting document is required to change your name. Please contact us to confirm your document is sufficient.

Driver Handbooks

If you are interested in changing your class of license, our office has the study material you need, for a fee. The online study manuals are also available free of charge on Manitoba Public Insurance’s website.