Harvest Insurance



An expert insurance broker is available for you throughout the working day.

Same Day Coverage

We can usually provide you with same day insurance coverage on a contractors package if required.

Expert Advice

Our expert insurance brokers will provide you with the coverage you need to be properly protected.

Let Us Work for You

We will shop the insurance market for you. Our experts have access to a wide variety of regional and national insurance companies, including specialty niche markets.


Multiple Options

We offer a very wide range of coverage for all types of business. For example:

  • Bonds
  • Office packages
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Building under construction
  • Church
  • Contractor
  • Apartments and Condos
  • Restaurants
  • Professional Installers
  • Hole-in-one/events liability

What We Need to Provide a Quote

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Mailing address
  • Property address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Description of business operations
  • Limit of coverage for property and liability
  • Gross annual receipts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need Business Liability?

    Liability insurance covers your company for bodily injury and property damage to others as a result of your or your employees negligence.

  • How do I know that you are providing me with the best insurance price?

    We spend a lot of time shopping the insurance market to get the best coverage and price to meet each customer’s specific needs.

  • Why does the insurance company need to know my gross income?

    Liability premium is based on annual receipts. It is the insurance company’s way of determining how much experience you have. The information is kept in the strictest confidence.

  • What is the cost of liability insurance?

    Liability premiums start at $350 annually. Premium payable is determined by your business operations and income.