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Commercial Vehicle

Dedicated, Knowledgeable Staff

Our staff provides knowledgeable service and expertise that will review your coverage needs and advise what the best coverage is for you. Our staff is trained and educated to answer any and all questions and deal with your commercial vehicle insurance concerns.

Avoid Lineups

Our office is equipped with 10 auto insurance work stations to provide efficient service.

We Keep Things Clear

Our friendly, knowledgable staff will provide clear, concise explanations for your questions.

Get What You Need

For any heavier trucks and trailers you may require extension coverage. Our professional staff will help you through the process of getting the insurance you need.

Manitoba Public Insurance Special Risk Extension

Our expert staff can assist in providing coverage tailored to your specialized commercial vehicles needs. The basic coverages offered by the Autopac system are limited; we provide additional options with Manitoba Public Insurance Special Risk Extension.


When hauling freight for others, you may be found liable for any damages to your load. Let us find the right cargo policy to fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which documents are required to register a vehicle?

    The documents Manitoba Public Insurance require to register a vehicle are an unaltered original Bill of Sale, the Transfer of Ownership Document (if available), and a current valid Safety Inspection Certificate – the white copy is preferred. If you are purchasing a brand new vehicle, Manitoba Public Insurance requires an unaltered original Bill of Sale and the New Vehicle Inspection Statement.

  • How can I report an accident?

    You can contact Manitoba Public Insurance directly at 1-800-665-2410.

  • I have purchased winter tires for my vehicle. Can I finance my winter tires through Manitoba Public Insurance?

    As of September 29, 2014, Manitoba Public Insurance now offers a Winter Tire Finance Program. Your winter tires can be financed from a period of 1-4 years for a maximum value of $2,000.

  • What is the difference between a reassessment year and a renewal year?

    A renewal year is when you will need to attend the office in person to take a photo for your driver’s license and obtain new stickers and registrations for any policies; this only takes place every 5 years. A reassessment year falls between the renewal years; this is when you can either attend our office to review your account in person and provide payment or do so over the phone.