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Time to Buy Tenants' Insurance!

Are you renting a room, apartment, or house? Did you know that if you accidentally cause damage to the place you’re renting, you can be held liable for paying for damages? A tenants’ policy is inexpensive and can cover your liability... Read More

Have you heard of IRI?

Income Replacement Indemnity (IRI) is a benefit that Manitobans are entitled to if injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Canada or the USA. IRI compensates the injured person for earned income lost as a result of the accident. IRI... Read More

Taking Your Boat to the Lake?

Is your boat insured? Boat owners sometimes assume that if they’ve insured their boat trailer, the boat is automatically insured, too. This is not true! Boats, motors, their equipment, and liability need to be insured with a private insurer... Read More

Travelling solo this summer?

Thinking of travelling? Have no one to travel with? Travelling solo is quite trendy, and many people plan to explore the world alone in 2019. If you’re travelling by yourself, the need for safety is amplified. Travel Insurance is an... Read More

Fire Season and Your Insurance

This time of year, dry conditions can quickly lead to out-of-control grass or forest fires. Buildings, fences, and homes can be damaged in a short amount of time with little warning – not to mention the threat to people and animals. Before... Read More

Building a Home this Year?

Are you planning to build a new home or spec house this year? Keep in mind, you need to insure the house before you start the foundation. The best insurance rates and packages are usually only available if you buy coverage at the beginning. At... Read More

Motorcycle Season

Spring is here and many people are already taking their motorcycles out for a ride! MPI’s riding season runs from May 1st to September 30th, which is when they charge their motorcycle premiums. For those customers who defer their payments to May 1st,... Read More

MPI Change – No more credit cards!

Because Manitoba Public Insurance is enhancing information security measures, effective May 24, 2019, MPI will no longer accept the use of credit cards for monthly withdrawals. MPI will continue to accept payment by credit card for... Read More

Driver Z Program

MPI is catching up with the times! A new and improved version of the Driver Education course has been launched. The registration for MPI’s new Driver Z Program starts Monday March 18, 2019. With this new program, students can record their driving log... Read More

Flooding and Your Insurance

The best time to think about flood insurance is before it happens. In Manitoba, flooding is generally not covered by home insurance. However, several insurance providers have recently introduced coverage for sudden flood situations. The... Read More

Tropical Day!

March 14th was tropical day at Harvest Insurance - coincidentally on the day of the biggest blizzard of the year! Staff dressed in their favorite summer attire, and the office was transformed into a tropical paradise. While snow was blowing outside, in the... Read More

Condo Insurance, part 2: Bareland Condos

Bareland Condos come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In many cases they are detached buildings or duplexes that make up a larger complex. A condo unit owner owns a whole house, inside and out. The condo corporation owns the... Read More

Condo Insurance, part 1: More Than Just Contents

Many condo owners focus on their contents or belongings when they come to us for condo insurance. However, contents insurance is only one of many facets of a condo insurance package. Here are some other things that are... Read More

Identity Theft coverage

Did you know that most home insurance providers offer coverage for identity theft? In many cases the coverage is included in a homeowners' policy automatically. Intact Insurance now offers "my Identity", an enhanced coverage that includes... Read More

Planning to be away?

If you are away from home during fall, winter, or spring, you need to maintain heat to prevent the plumbing from freezing. When you leave home, your insurance company may have requirements in order for your coverage to remain valid. You may be... Read More

It’s 2019!

Happy New Year! Many of us make New Year’s resolutions at this time of year, or pause to reflect and make plans. Remember, it’s also a great time of year to review your insurance policies. Contact us for a quick review (or in-depth, if you... Read More

Wood Stoves and Your Insurance

Many homeowners know, nothing takes the chill out of a nippy morning like getting the wood stove going. Wood heat has its benefits, but also its dangers. If you are using your wood stove for the first time since spring, remember it is... Read More

Students: you may need tenants’ insurance!

Are you renting a room or apartment while you attend school? Did you know that if you accidentally cause damage to the place you’re renting, you can be held liable for paying for damages? A tenants’ policy is inexpensive and... Read More

Contractor's Liability

A jobsite can be a hazardous place. Contractor's Liability protects you if you as a contractor are found legally responsible for an injury or property damage. If you are a self-employed contractor, sub-contractor, or tradesperson, Contractor'... Read More

Congratulations Cedric Alder

Congratulations Cedric Alder, this years recipient of the Harvest Insurance Business Education Scholarship

Buying a new home?

The purchase of a new home is probably one of the largest investments you will ever make. Contact our office today for a review of your home insurance. Our professional brokers will offer you the best in coverage and price.

Don't forget to insure your Watercraft before leaving for the lake!

Enjoy your time at the lake with peace of mind knowing that your boat is protected with the right coverage.

Cyber Insurance

Why is this coverage so important?
Today’s business relies on computer systems and data to operate. The risk of cyber-attack is growing and the cost of recovery can be substantial.

There are two kinds of Cyber related... Read More

MPI Corporate Renewals

As the premiere vehicle insurance brokerage in Southeastern Manitoba we would like to offer our services for your corporate MPI renewals. We have a large experienced staff that is willing and able to help you with all your corporate MPI needs. We... Read More