Harvest News

Snowmobilers: Free Ride Weekend!

This week MPI announced that Snoman’s Sled Without Borders – Free Ride Weekend will occur this upcoming long weekend, February 16-18th. Snowmobile riders are welcome to use the Manitoba Snoman trails for free on the Free Ride Weekend –... Read More

Condo Insurance: More Than Just Contents

Many condo owners focus on their contents or belongings when they come to us for condo insurance. However, contents insurance is only one of many facets of a condo insurance package. Here are some other things that are included... Read More

Identity Theft coverage

Did you know that most home insurance providers offer coverage for identity theft? In many cases the coverage is included in a homeowners' policy automatically. Intact Insurance now offers "my Identity", an enhanced coverage that includes... Read More

Who We Are

We are your locally owned and operated, full service insurance provider. With over 60 years in the insurance business, it has been our friendly, knowledgeable staff that has made us what we are today.

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We represent a full line-up of insurance companies to ensure you receive quality coverage and full value.


Avoid lineups. Our office has ten Autopac work stations to serve your insurance needs efficiently and effectively.


We will discuss, clarify and advocate for you when making a claim.


We offer services in English, Français, Deutsch, Plautdietsch, and на русском.


Education and training of our brokers is a priority; so we can keep you up-to-date on the ever changing insurance landscape.


We have a large parking lot at the rear of our building with a wheelchair accessible back entrance.